New publication in PLOS Computational Biology: Mathematical modeling of multiple pathways in colorectal carcinogenesis using dynamical systems with Kronecker structure

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My first first-author paper is finally out in PLOS Computational Biology. With our amazing collaborators from EMCL, HITS, University Hospital Leipzig and ATB, we have developed a modular mathematical framework to model different molecular pathways of carcinogenesis based on a system of ordinary differential equations. The model makes use of the so-called Kronecker product, a specific structure which allows for a thorough mathematical analysis and medical interpretation. For the published paper, we focused on colorectal cancer development in Lynch syndrome with simulation results that are in concordance with current clinical tumor data.

Together with my co-authors and the HITS Communication team, we have written blog posts about the main ideas and findings of this novel modeling framework. Please have a look at EMCL News and HITS Blog.