My name is Saskia Haupt (she/her) and I'm a mathematical oncologist with an interdisciplinary Ph.D. (mathematics & medicine) from Heidelberg University. I am passionate about modeling cancer evolution in particular in Lynch syndrome, the most common inherited colorectal cancer predisposition syndrome. In close collaboration with medical experts, I'm developing mathematical, computational, and statistical models for the different scales ranging from the molecular over the cell and tissue to the population level. To advance clinical translation, I'm highly interested in combining mathematical modeling and machine learning techniques.

After my studies in mathematics at Heidelberg University (2012–2017) with focus on numerical analysis and medical applications, I joined the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) directed by Prof. Dr. Vincent Heuveline as a Ph.D. student, currently continuing as a postdoctoral researcher. Further, I'm a guest researcher at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS).

From 2020–2023, I complemented my research activities around mathematical oncology with part-time studies in Biostatistics at Heidelberg University.

In my free time, I love working in the creative field, decorating, gardening, and taking photos of all the small structures occurring in nature while hiking with my better half.