Awards and funding


  • Young Marsilius Fellowship for Interdisciplinarity and Science Communication awarded by the Marsilius Kolleg Heidelberg for one year including 5,000€ for own research and academic training.


  • Award for the best presentation: 1st price for the best presentation Y-EHTG. Talk title: Mathematically modeling Lynch syndrome colorectal carcinogenesis at different scales. 5th European Hereditary Tumour Group (EHTG) Meeting 2021, 8th October 2021 – 9th October 2021.


  • Conference travel funding: German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Congress travel funding for my poster and presentation at the 4th European Hereditary Tumour Group (EHTG) Meeting 2019, 17th October 2019 – 20th October 2019 in Barcelona, Spain.

Since 2018

    Strategic development and grant writing for various projects in the field of mathematical modeling and data analysis for medical applications.